Packages and Prices - NecroBlancaPhotography

Booking Info

Set Shoots: $60

  Includes entire set's ( 30 to 40 min) coverage, per band I. don't stop shooting until you stop playing. After that you receive 15 full resolution images with no watermark to use as you please. You also get as many watermarked images for web-use only as you would like. Images after 10 are $5 per image. 

*If the access to the venue requires paid parking the cost of parking will be added to into the total cost of the package.

Out of Town shoots:

Basically the same package as the set shoots with an added $25 per 50 miles from Austin in travel coverage.

Full event  or festival coverage: $200 per day

 A full event shoot (minimum of 4 band)   

Promotional Shoots: $100 

 $75 for up to a 1 hour shoot and $25 post processing.

Travel considerations may add to the cost.

Set Video: $100

 Full set up to 30 minutes. $50 will be added for each additional  20 minutes. This includes an audio and video corrected final edit with logo and credits added, video provided to spec for your upload vendor of your choice. Effects and other goodies can be added for some additional costs.

Concert Flyers or  Handbill: $15

8.5x11" Custom concert promotional flyers are .

11x17" Custom posters are $20

Each piece comes with 3 round of edits, unless it is our mistake, 3 edits the limit. Any edits after the allotted 3 is $5 dollars extra.

Custom CD layout and Design

 $50 for a 2 panel insert, backing card and cd art.

$100 for 4-6 panel insert or digipack . 

$150 for 8-10 panel.

$200  for custom packaging.

YouTube "Card" Video:

Videos prepared for YouTube including album art ("card") and release notes are $25 per song or $60 per album. You provide the music, logo and additional information and I will prepare a 720p video prepped to YouTube specs, videos delivered via Dropbox.

Lyric Videos:

Lyric videos start at $50 and can go as high as $500 depending on the complexity of the video in question.

Social Media Kit: $60

Graphics designed and prepared for:






Rules for Social Media Use:

All works are the property of Necroblanca Photography. Social media use is permitted without charge under the following conditions.

1. Credit to Necroblanca Photography must be given.

2. No altering or editing of the image is permitted except for simple cropping              

3. The watermark must not be cropped out.